Wire TO Board connector

TJC46 系列 洗衣机系列连接器 TJC46 Series Washing Machine Series Connector


适用线规 (Applicable wires): AWG24#~20#
温度范围 (Temperature range): -25°C~85°C
额定电压 (Voltage rating): 250V AC/DC
额定电流 (Current rating): 5A
接触电阻 (Contact resistance): ≤0.02Ω
绝缘电阻 (Insulation resistance): ≥1000MΩ
耐压 (Withstand voltage): 2200V AC/minute
灼热丝测试 (Glow-wire test): 850°C; 750°C no flame
材料 (Material):
Housing: PC/PET UL94V-0 Wafer: PC/PET UL94V-0;Brass Ti⩀ plated

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